Our store offers a full range of repairs to get you ready for your ideal game. A full list of repairs and costs is available by scrolling to the bottom. Repairs are currently a 2-5 day turn-around or 24 hours for single club regrip only.

Among some of the repairs offered is regripping. There are several reasons to regrip your clubs:

  • To fit the grip to your hand size
  • To upgrade your existing grip to a longer-lasting, better quality grip
  • To get the right feel for your game
  • To replace grips which are worn or damaged
  • To update the look of your clubs

You will know that your grip needs to be replaced if it is cracking, peeling, leaving residue on your glove, lost its tackiness or grip or is simply worn out. How often this occurs depends on how often you play, the elements your clubs are exposed to and the quality of the grip. As a guideline, grips should be replaced at least every 2 years.

We carry the following major brands as well as others and orders can be placed for those you would like which we may not have in stock. Note that some links take you to U.S. sites with U.S. pricing.

Find the right Golf Pride grip and size or the right Super Stroke grip and size.

Ever wonder how regrips are done? Click here for a cool demo.

Shafts are always changing and the options are endless. Come in or call to see what we have in stock and keep in mind that we can order anything you need. Note that some of the links below take you to U.S. sites with U.S. pricing.

Repairs Available and Costs as at December 2022

        • Regripping (plus price of new grip) $2.95
        • Regripping (grip supplied) $3.00
        • Save grip (remove only) $2.00
        • Re-size Grip (Remove & Install) $4.00
        • Grip Build-up (2-4 extra wraps) $1.00
        • Shorten Club (save grip & install) $5.00 each
        • Shorten Club (plus price of new grip) $1.50 each each
        • Lengthen Club (save grip & install) $10.00 each
        • Lengthen Club (plus price of new grip & install) $5.50 each
        • Re-attach loose head $10.50 each
        • Re-attach loose ferrule (unless head needs removed) $4.50 each
        • Reshaft – Steel or Graphite (plus price of shaft purchased) $12.00
        • Reshaft – Bore Through (plus price of shaft purchased) $15.50
        • Reshaft – Steel or Graphite (shaft supplied) $17.00
        • Reshaft – Bore Through (shaft supplied) $20.50
        • Safely Remove Adapters $8.50 each
        • Install Adapters $8.50 each
        • Remove Broken Shaft if Broken at Hosel $10.50 each
        • Safely Remove Graphite/Steel Shaft $8.50 per club
        • Lie & Loft Adjustment $5.50 per adjustment
        • Lie & Loft Charting Only $2.00 each
        • Fix Rattle in Driver Head $25.00 each
        • Static Club Fitting (measurement for club length and grip size) No Charge
        • Dynamic Fitting (measurement for lie angle, length, shaft flex and grip size) $20.00
          (No Charge if club fitted for is purchased)
        • Mizuno Shaft Optimizer Fitting $20.00
          (No Charge if club fitted for is purchased)
        • Putter Fitting (measurement for length, grip size and lie angle) $5.50
          (No Charge if club fitted for is purchased)
        • Spike install (plus price of spikes) $5.50 per pair
        • Iron Set Tune Up (max 9 clubs) $40.50
          • inspect club ferrules (plastic piece by head & shaft) for cracks or movement
          • inspect club shafts for any cracks, bending or movement
          • measure the lies & lofts in our machine and chart them
          • adjust any lies & lofts out of line with rest of set
          • finishing with a club head cleaning